The mission of the Roundup Public Schools is to challenge and empower each student to maximize individual potential and become a competent, productive, responsible and caring citizen.

This mission will be supported through the wise use of resources to meet students' needs, regardless of interests and talents.  Students, families, educators and the community are committed to sharing the responsibility for creating a student-centered educational community that acknowledges learning as a life-long process.

Roundup Public Schools

Friday Letter

Construction Update


High School

Administration & Common Area – Structural framing of this area is complete along with the metal stud framing of the exterior walls on the first level.  The roof trusses have been set and the roof sheathing is complete.  The mezzanine level slab edge angles have been welded in place and the metal deck for the second floor is being installed.  The floor reinforcing mesh will be set next and concrete will be poured.  Dirt work for the patio slab is being completed so the patio slab and mezzanine slab can be poured the same day.  The next step is to install the mezzanine level exterior walls so the exterior skin can be added.  Windows, doors, and the existing roof connections are starting to make the structure weather tight.  This will allow the interior work of electrical, mechanical, plumbing, insulation, and drywall to continue.  This area of the project is expected to be complete the first week of November, which is a reflection of the number of unforeseen circumstances that needed to be dealt with. 

Family Consumer Science – The school district applied for and received a $417,000 coal board grant to completely remodel this area, as well as add the covered patio area to the front of the building.  This was approved June 12 and added to the project.  Due to waiting for this approval, the design team and contractor were saddled with additional items to get prepared and bid.  This delay has caused an inconvenience, but the future benefits will be great. 

Locker rooms – The work in this area was substantially completed the first week of school.  The area was released by Swank the second week so students could use the facility.

New Power Transformer – Northwestern Energy provided the new service to the new grade mounted transformer which allows for the eventual removal of the existing transformers located in the basement of the school.  This upgrade will provide more consistent power throughout the building, as well as service to the new and remodeled areas. 

Schedule – We knew from the beginning that this project was under a tight schedule.   Issues like the month delay in the availability of an Abatement contractor, additional testing of materials, and existing sewer and electrical not located according to original plans have all added to the timeline of the project.  All were issues that the contractor had no control over, but have done their best to work with the district to keep the project moving forward.  The school staff and students have been very cooperative in dealing with the inconvenience of the construction issues and delays.


Elementary Site

State and local building permits were received during the first part of August, and Swank advertised for bids on the various aspects of the project.  Subcontractors for all phases of the building have been selected, and the Critical Path Schedule has been provided, holding the end date of August 19, 2016.


WHC started site grading and soil compaction on August 17 in preparation of the foundation work.  Swank had the site surveyed to locate the building and its column grid layout.  Geopier Northwest started installation of the geopiers on September 15, following approval of the geopier structural shop drawings by the structural engineers at Beaudette Engineering.  Ninety-one piers were drilled and compacted on site.  On September 21, WHC started excavation for the building footings and grade beams.  By September 24, Custom Concrete had the first section of footing forms set with reinforcing bars and the concrete poured.


WHC has been working on the site utilities starting with the new water line and fire hydrant in 4th Street East between 11th and 12th Avenues East.  Do to the critical schedule for the school completion, WHC will focus on the activities that directly impact the school site.  The balance of the utility work and steel construction will follow.  The building steel package is scheduled for delivery on Friday, October 2. 

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