The mission of the Roundup Public Schools is to challenge and empower each student to maximize individual potential and become a competent, productive, responsible and caring citizen.

This mission will be supported through the wise use of resources to meet students' needs, regardless of interests and talents.  Students, families, educators and the community are committed to sharing the responsibility for creating a student-centered educational community that acknowledges learning as a life-long process.

Roundup Public Schools

The Friday Letter

Board meetings are held on the second Monday of each month in the Community Library.  The March meeting was postponed until Monday, March 17 because of the flooding.  The meeting will start at 6:00 PM with a work session in which the board will discuss the current state of the elementary school and two different options that Collaborative Design Architects have presented.  Unfortunately, the architects will not be available for the meeting as they will be at a conference. 

Also on the agenda will be updating six (6) policies recommended by the Montana School Boards Association.  These updates are based on changes in law in the state of Montana.  The next item will be the school calendar for next school year.  A committee of teachers, staff, administration, and school board members has met twice and will have a recommendation for the school board. 

The board will also be voting on a petition to the State Superintendent of Instruction for $25,000 in direct state aide based on an unanticipated increase in student enrollment.  State law states that if a school district has an increase in student enrollment of 4% or more, the school district can do a budget amendment to increase the adopted budget for the school year.  The high school district did have an increase of more than 4%, so the trustees can petition for the budget amendment.  The trustees could do an amendment up to $136,000 based on the enrollment increase, but this would require the district to use budget reserve dollars.  Using reserves is not usually done unless it is an emergency situation because replacing those reserve dollars is difficult and often takes several years.

The board has approved a multidistrict agreement between the elementary district and high school district each of the last two years.  This has to be approved each March.  The idea of the multidistrict agreement is to allow the trustees to use dollars from this year’s budget after June 30 which is the end of the fiscal year.  It also allows for dollars to be spent on large items that might not be in the budget for the current school year.   Many school districts around the state and country are moving toward one to one computing.  This means that each student has a district owned and purchased computer, tablet, or laptop.  If the cost of each device was $500, then the district would be looking at a price tag of over $300,000.  A purchase this large could not take place within the constraints of the general fund. Our multidistrict agreement allows us to plan for and make purchases of this size.

Lastly, the trustees will be voting to adopt a resolution to hold a trustee election on Tuesday, May 6th.  There are two trustee positions up for election this May and both are three (3) year terms.  If anyone is interested in running for a trustee position, the paperwork can be picked up at the District Office.  It does require the signature of five (5) registered voters.


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