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Friday Letter

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Pre-Construction Meeting

A pre-construction meeting was held on Friday, April 17, with all junior senior high school staff. Brian Johnson (Collaborative Design Architects), Mark Qualman (Project Manager Swank Enterprises), Jeff Lindsey (Project Superintendent Swank Enterprises), Vincent Clark (Electrical Engineer Coneer Engineering), and Rod Nygaard (Owner Representative) were also in attendance.

Brian Johnson provided an update on the basic concept of work to be completed and talked about the impact it will have on staff and students during the last couple weeks of May. He also said that the final drawings for the project have been completed and are at the state level being reviewed as part of the permit process. There are still decisions to be made on floor coverings, paint and tile colors, etc. for the interior work, and another meeting date will be set for these items to be reviewed.

Mark Qualman and Jeff Lindsey gave more detail on their schedule and mobilization for the project. They plan on starting to mobilize in the next couple weeks with work also beginning on the outside of the building, which will include site work and layout of grade work to be done for the expansion of the foundation. During the last part of May, the full construction staff will arrive and demolition work will begin inside the building. This demolition will take place in the main entrance and office area of the building. Work in the locker room areas will not start until school is out for the year.

Because the interior construction zone is in the middle of the school and school will still be in session, a

"SAFE" passage will be provided past the construction so students and staff can move from one end of the building to the other. Swank has performed over 165 school projects in recent years and many of those have taken place while staff and students are still in the building. They are confident that their presence will provide only minor interruptions to the school day.

The main entrance to the school will be moved to the south wing of the building. This will allow for student drop off to remain in the current location. The main office and check in point will be in classroom 15. Parents and visitors will also be able to enter through the Community Library and will have easy access to the office in room 15, as it is adjacent to the library. Swank will have a temporary office located at the east end of the campus and the main entrance to the high school will be fenced off.

Use of the gymnasium this summer, during construction in the locker rooms, will be limited during the day. Open gyms will be available in the evenings and at the community center. At this time, all summer camps and activities scheduled for the high school have been provided to Swank, and they will be working with the school to set a schedule that works for everyone.

Parts of the parking lot will be off limits during the summer. Swank will use temporary fencing to designate these areas. The fenced areas will be used for equipment and material storage.

The School District and Coneer Engineering have also been working with NorthWestern Energy for a new electrical transformer. Currently, the main power to the school comes in from a pole just north of the school's shop. The power runs under the shop and boiler room and ends up in a small room in the basement. The current power pole will be moved and the new transformer will be placed west of the school next to the football bleachers. This is an upgrade that both the School District and NorthWestern Energy have talked about for a few years. This project provides a great opportunity to have the work completed.

The final topic from Swank was hiring local contractors and individuals. Swank placed an ad in the paper for several weeks and has been contacted by a few local contractors interested in bidding parts of the project. Swank is also interested in hiring local individuals that have experience in construction or want to work as laborers. If you are interested in either of these situations please contact the District Office at 323-1507 or send an email to chadsealey@roundup.k12.mt.us for further information.

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